As an alternative to legal representation in our specialist areas, you can also entrust us with out-of-court dispute resolution (mediation). This can save you both money and time.

Mediation is a procedure for resolving conflicts in which the parties involved decide on possible solutions by mutual consent. They are actively supported by the mediator – and this is the decisive factor. The active, special form of support consists of the mediator's ability to conduct structured negotiations. Mediators are specially trained to ask questions that help to elucidate where the real problems lie. This releases emotional blockages, and the participants return to a reasonable pattern of dialogue.

It is at the discretion of the parties involved to define the framework conditions for their conflict resolution. The agenda, time and place of the mediation meeting should be determined jointly. At every point in the mediation process, the parties involved are in complete control over whether to agree a solution and, if they do, how it should be structured. Unlike many court settlements, this ensures sustainability.

You should always consider mediation if you are interested in maintaining private or business relationships that might otherwise become more strained or even be terminated if the conflict is conducted in another way – for example, by court proceedings. Mediation is therefore used in many areas. We offer mediation in the following circumstances especially:

  1. Business succession, especially in family businesses
  2. Internal and external disputes within or between companies
  3. Conflicts between employers and employees as well as internal team conflicts

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