As of 1st January 2021, a bouquet of tax law amendments comes into force, including a number of tax reductions in the field of wage and income taxes. This article gives an overview of the most significant recent changes.
– by Valentin Schaffrath and Paul Wermann

Job postings require an exact and conscious wording. Not complying with legal requirements can lead to discrimination, for which an employer may have to pay dearly in the end. The Higher Labour Court of Nuremberg had to recently decide another one in a set of legal cases. This article shows how to pay close attention to word choice.
– by Susann Liebelt

Do you have any questions about revocatory actions or did an insolvency administrator reclaim payments made to you? Then you should definitely read this article.
– by Valentin Schaffrath

Companies suffering from revenue losses or were even forced to close down during the corona crisis should claim compensation from authorities until mid June.
– by Valentin Schaffrath and Paul Wermann