Many banks have raised their account management fees in recent years. The German Federal Court of Justice has now put a stop to the overly lax use of such clauses in banks' general terms and conditions. Consumers may now be able to reclaim the fees they have paid. However, the ruling also affects all kinds of other contracts.
– by Peter Schaffrath

In general, sales as well as a purchase of cryptocurrencies is considered a taxable transaction. Hence, profits made from trading such currencies are liable to taxation, at least when they fall within the scope of certain holding periods. This article outlines the classification of cryptocurrency trade profits in regard to taxation law and potential pitfalls.
– by Valentin Schaffrath

A large number of loan agreements, especially from the years before 2018, are likely to have insufficient information on the amount of the prepayment penalty. This article describes under which conditions you either do not have to pay such prepayment penalties or can even claim them back from the bank.
– by Valentin Schaffrath and Paul Wermann

The German higher courts come to different conclusions on the question of which party bears the risk that a rental object cannot be used during the lockdown. This article takes a look at another higher court judgment of the Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court.
– by Peter Schaffrath

The now prolonged lockdown in the COVID 19 pandemic is placing an enormous burden on commercial tenants and landlords. Collapsed sales during these weeks often result in rents not being remitted. This article addresses the question of which party bears the risk that the leased property cannot be used during the lockdown.
– by Peter Schaffrath