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The law firm of Schaffrath & Metzmacher was established in Düsseldorf in 1974. The firm expanded to Dresden in 1990.

Schaffrath & Metzmacher offer their clients precise assistance in decision-making at the highest possible legal level by providing them with comprehensive advice and effective representation of their interest in court. We regard ourselves as service providers, and as such our first task is to implement our clients' interests cost-effectively, efficiently and speedily At all times, the legal solution is closely linked to the client' s economic requirements.

The size of our offices guarantees to our clients a personal consultation with our partners at every stage of the mandate. Our offices in Düsseldorf and Dresden are closely linked through the most advanced communication means which ensures that Schaffrath & Metzmacher are always able to respond quickly to any changes in requirements. We have trained our own regional and over regional legal teams, which helps to ensure that our clients' interests are always met with flexibility and efficiency. Every partner's legal expertise is available to the clients at every location.