As specialist lawyers for labour law, we advise and represent employers and employees, specialists and executives with and without personnel responsibility, senior managers as well as medium-sized companies and freelancers in all employment law cases. As we are familiar with both sides of the employment relationship from our many years of professional experience, we also know very well which views and courses of action the other side may adopt. We are happy to pass on this benefit to you. We represent you out-of-court and before the labour courts.

Within labour law, our core competencies include:

  1. Design and review of employment, service and work contracts
  2. Advice in connection with warnings and notices of termination
  3. Protection against dismissal
  4. Termination agreements and severance pay
  5. Job references
  6. Pension policies
  7. Personnel leasing
  8. Partial retirement law
  9. Works agreements
  10. Collective agreement law, right of co-determination and industrial action (strike)
  11. Negotiation and implementation of social plans

By your side

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