We are happy to help you if a debtor does not respond despite a reminder and refuses to meet the payment obligation. Debt collection means obtaining payment for a justified receivable, for example an outstanding invoice. This is achieved first by sending a lawyer’s request, then by the initiation of a reminder and enforcement order. Once the enforcement order has been issued, we also carry out the levy of execution against the debtor on your behalf.

Effective debt collection requires particular knowledge and skills. Many of our clients are aware of this and entrust their receivables management to us due to the considerable experience of our entire team in this field. Not only does this create greater cost efficiency and a reduction in your fixed costs, but also ensures an effective realisation of your receivables.

Whether your claim is to be handled in Germany or in other European countries, we are at your disposal:

  1. as part of the extrajudicial request for payment
  2. in judicial dunning proceedings
  3. when applying for a writ of execution
  4. in foreclosure proceedings
  5. when concluding instalment payment agreements

By your side

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